Mistakes to avoid when looking for sponsors

There are plenty of articles out there telling you what to do when looking for a sponsor for an event or a charity. This article is not one of those. What this article will tell you is what NOT to do when looking for sponsors. It is easy to make mistakes especially if you are new in the field of sponsorship. Some people will say that it is OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. But there is actually something better than learning from your own mistakes and that is to learn from the mistakes of others. Why go through the difficult road when you can take advantage of the path cleared by those who have gone ahead? Avoid the mistakes below and save valuable resources.

Get the wrong companies for sponsorship. They say that beggars can’t be choosers. People soliciting for sponsorship are not beggars though. Beggars get money for nothing. People looking for sponsors actually have something to give in return and that is the chance for companies to promote and their products or services. This is the main reason why you can choose which companies to get as sponsors. Don’t just say yes to the companies that are willing. Say yes to the companies that are deserving and that are appropriate for your event or charity. Choose companies that has ideals that are in line with the ideals of your organization. Getting the right companies as sponsors will help protect and even boost your organization’s image.

Preset vague offers. You should be clear on what you can offer to companies in exchange for the sponsorship. Not being clear about the matter can lead to misunderstanding and even withdrawal of support. Some organizations, fail to provide any form of offers leaving potential sponsors to think that the organization is simply asking for donation. The best thing that you can do is to offer several sponsorship packages to potential sponsors. It is always good to offer choices. Offering chances avoids giving the impression that you need a black or white answer. If you have options in place, companies will be inclined to avail of the cheapest option instead of saying no flat out.

Be discouraged. This is probably the worst mistake that you can do. If a company turns you down, you should not be discouraged. Instead, you should learn from the experience and move on to the next company. There are many companies out there who are open to sponsorships so you should not get stuck when a company turns you down. Also, you should not take it as a personal failure when a company declines to provide sponsorship for your event or charity. You really will not be able to tell the exact reasons behind a company’s refusal for sponsorship. And it shouldn’t matter. What matters is that you have given your best.

These are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when looking for sponsors. Stay away from these mistakes and you’re on your way to the sponsorship you need.

Looking within your building

Finding corporate sponsors in Chicago can be as easy as talking to the people in your building.  There are a number of businesses located in every highrise or apartment in Chicago.  One effective way to find a corporate sponsor is to talk to the people that you see everyday.

Whether they run a business in your building or simply just leave there, if they work for a big company in Chicago, they might be able to help you or put you in touch with the right person in their company, who can help you secure corporate sponsorship.

You might even find people who are willing to join your cause and chip in.  So it never hurts to talk to the people in your building.  Let them know what you are trying to do.  Seek help and let others know.

The building itself my be willing to help promote your cause by putting up a sign or a banner in the loby area.

They might let you use their common areas for your event in exchange for some free promotion.

Whatever it is, it starts with you looking at the people around you.

Find sponsorship for giveaways

Having giveaways for an event or even for a website or blog is a great way to attract people. The problem with giveaways is that they are an additional expense. Of course, your giveaway must be something that has value or they won’t be able to real in guests. This is why scrimping on giveaways is really not a goof thing. What you can do to save money on giveaways is to find sponsors for them. There are many companies out there who are willing to give away their products for free for a chance to promote them. It is actually easier to ask for products for giveaways than cash. This is because it is cheaper for these companies to simply give away products that are on stock than it is to provide cash.

Below are some tips that will increase your chances of getting companies to sponsor your Chicago giveaways.

Determine What You Want to Giveaway

The item that you will giveaway should have a relevance to the event or your website. This way, you can be sure that it will be appreciated by your target market. If it is an event about pets and animals, for example, then you can products related to pet grooming. It is best if you can come up with a specific item in mind. Don’t have any idea on what to giveaway? Then maybe you can attend a similar event to check out other people are doing. Or you can even conduct a short and simple survey to find out what your target would like to receive in an Chicago event.

Approach Potential Sponsors the Right Way

There’s a proper way to approach potential sponsors. You should keep in mind that there are certain rules to follow when approaching potential sponsors. Unless the CEO is a close friend, you should solicit sponsorship in a formal manner. If you are not familiar with the company, then you should first introduce yourself in a letter. Companies will also expect a presentation of the opportunity you are offering so you should come up with one. To be safe, keep the tone of your communication strictly business-like. Be sure to dress properly for the presentation. You should appear professional and don’t be late on the day of the meeting.

Be Confident

You are pitching an opportunity to companies so be confident with your offer. You can show confidence through your speech and how you carry yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential sponsor for a short moment. Would you really seal a deal with someone who doesn’t look confident at what he is offering? It is probably best to avoid over-promising. Offer only what you can. If you can only invite 100 individuals for your event, don’t say that you can bring 200. These company heads are used to talking to people so they can smell b.s. from a mile away.

Why buy giveaways for your event or blogs when you can get them for free? Follow the guide above, and you can get good giveaways.

Money is not the only thing

Many people think that a sponsorship means that company sponsoring your event in Chicago has to give you money to be a sponsor.  That is not completely true.  Some business are willing to give you food, drinks, their merchandise to your event instead of money.

For example, say you own a restaurant and you need to attract need patrons.  What better way to attract new customers than to agree to sponsor an event by offering to cater some of your food at the event.  You agree to provide a stand, with your banner all around the stand, and have your workers attend the event, dressed up in your business’s tshirts and serve your food to the people attending the event.  If the event is near your location, it is a great way for people to get a chance to try your food.

This type of exposure is more important to a restaurant business then getting their company name place in a brochure that is handed out to everyone attending your event.  It is a win win situation for both the event organizer and the restaurant.

So don’t limit yourself to just money when you go out and seek sponsorship for your Chicago fundraisers.

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